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     Extreme Restoration was originally published in 2005 as an ebook delivered on a single CD. The CD has been well accepted globally, but some restorers asked about the possibility of a traditional paper book. Unfortunately, producing a 748 page book, with over 2,500 color images just wasn't feasible at a realistic cost.

    Low volume book printing has become significantly more cost effective in recent years and a black & white version of Extreme Restoration is now possible at reasonable costs. However, since much of the original book dealt with both techniques and color-dependent concepts, the ability to view certain sections of the book in color remained a high priority and the paper book concept remained on the shelf.

    Recently, the idea of combining a traditional paper book with a full color on-line support system was developed. Simply stated, every chapter in the paper version of Extreme Restoration can be viewed in color at two web sites created specifically to support the book. This provides the ability to have an easily transportable traditional book at a reasonable costs as well as the ability, when needed, to view the chapter on screen and in color.

     If you prefer the feel of a traditional paper book, you can now have it with the latest release of Extreme Restoration.


Extreme Restoration is now available in paper form. Click the link below to go directly to the publisher's site.

Extreme Restoration Paper




Not a small book...
698 pages of detailed how to restoration information
Over 2,000 photos and images