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Extreme Restoration is a large book with over 700 pages and 2,700 photos. Quickly locating specific information in such a volume could be a challenge. Fortunately, the Adobe (pdf) electronic document format provides a wide range of options for document navigation.

Bookmarks can be set up by the author and will be shown in a window on the left hand side of the Adobe Acrobat screen.

Live links from one part of the book to another can be easily created. This allows for a traditional table-of-contents format with live links to each topic or for hyperlinks from anywhere in a chapter to any where else in the book.

A unique feature of e-books is the ability to link from a document to internet web sites. With a click, the reader can jump from the current document to a related topic located an any one of the millions of sites on the web.


Extreme Restoration takes full advantage of the multiple navigation strategies provided by Adobe Acrobat and gives the reader choices on how to get from one area of this large book to another.



First, the Adobe "bookmarks" section has been revised to provide direct links to any topic heading in any chapter.

There are now over 270 topics listed in the bookmarks section.



With so many topic listings, the bookmarks section could become overwhelming.

Fortunately, topics can be set as sub-headings.

In Extreme Restoration, the individual chapter headings can be expanded to show several layers of sub-headings.



If you prefer to use a traditional table of contents then the main table of contents in the front of the book can be used to navigate to any topic just by clicking on the page number.

There are over 250 topic listings in the main table of contents.



A table of contents is also provided at the beginning of each chapter. Like the main table, clicking on the page number is all that's needed for navigation.

The table of contents for the 14 chapters provide an additional 250+ topic links.



Throughout the book you will encounter links to related topics located in other areas of the book.

This makes jumping from one topic to another simple.



One of the most impressive features of e-books is the ability to jump from the book to any one of millions of web sites.

Extreme restoration has over 160 links to web sites that can provide information and/or materials related to the topics being presented.

Extreme Restoration is a "work in process" and enhancements will be made on a continual basis. The recent enhancements to the navigation system provide multiple ways to get from one topic to another and should make finding a topic even simpler than previously possible


Tom Temple
July, 2005